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Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Covid Express provides the fastest Covid Cleaning Services

Proven Effective In: United States, China, South Korea, United Kingdom

Sterimist USA is Now Covid Express

Health Care Facilities

Preventative and Emergency ICRA-Compliant Infection Control and Mitigation


Aircraft Surface Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Cruise Ships

Environmental Ship & Cabin Infection Prevention

virus disinfecting service


Ambulance/Firetruck instant sanitizing and disinfecting. 


Environmental Sanitizing & Disinfecting


Infection Control and Outbreak Mitigation

Home Safety

Environmental Home Infection Prevention

Nursing Homes

Air & Surface Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Services Available Nationwide

Virus Disinfection Service

Covid Express

Services Available Nationwide
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SteriMist USA Just Got Better! SteriMist USA Is Now Covid Express!

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Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) is an EPA registered combination solution and application technology for use as a hospital-healthcare disinfectant and general use disinfectant (EPA registration # 90150-2). Registered in all 50 U.S. States, Canada, and International by TOMI™ Environmental Solutions, Inc.